Best Paper Award

Yulei Sui, Yue Li, and Jingling Xue for “Query-Directed Adaptive Heap Cloning For Optimizing Compilers”

Bin Ren, Gagan Agrawal, Jim Larus, Todd Mytkowicz, Tomi Poutanen (Microsoft), and Wolfram Schulte for “SIMD Parallelization of Applications that Traverse Irregular Data Structures”

Most Influential Paper

Derek Bruening, Timothy Garnett, and Saman Amarasinghe for “An infrastructure for adaptive dynamic optimization”

Best Student Presentation

Dominik Grewe for “Portable Mapping of Data-Parallel Programs to OpenCL for Heterogeneous Systems”

Feng Li for “Effective Fault Localization Based on Minimum Debugging Frontier Set”

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